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Celebrities at Sabri Nihari

A Rendezvous With Stardom And Flavors

Indulge in the glamour as we unveil cherished moments with Pakistani, Indian, and International Stars who have savored the flavors of Sabri Nihari. From film icons to music legends, explore our star-studded guestbook and join the elite in their culinary journey.

After craving for Pakistani food for a long time and trying Sabri Nihari, their food was an absolute delight, capturing the essence of authentic Pakistani cuisine, their nihari was absolutely perfect.

Farhan Ali Agha Pakistani Actor

Visited Sabri Nihari and was blown away by the authentic flavors. The Nihari is a definite must-try, and the warm ambiance makes it a perfect dining spot. Thumbs up

Salman Khan Indian Actor

Being a food enthusiast, I was truly amazed with Sabri Nihari. Pakistani cuisine is very delicious. The food was a revelation, bursting with flavors that took my taste buds on a journey. A definite favorite now.

Ebraheem Al Samadi Dubai Actor


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