The Best BBQ in Chicago

The best BBQ in Chicago isn’t difficult to find, whether you’re looking for spicy chicken Bar-BQ or beef minced Seekh kabobs. In recent years, chefs and cooks from Chicago’s South Asian population have seen a boom. While the suburbs continue to develop, bringing new culinary alternatives, there are more halal restaurants in Chicago than ever before, and they’re spread out all over the city.

We can find food from India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh spread across the city. One can discover Zabiha Halal restaurants in Chicago all across. However, the dishes of Muslim-majority nations are generally the first to spring to mind. Therefore, Sabri Nihari is at the top among Chicago’s Muslim or halal restaurants.

Although Chicago is far from the South, its citizens know a thing or two about BBQ. Chicagoans have gotten close to mastering many smoked meat methods. No one beats the flavor of Sabri Nihari Fry and Charcoal Grill Dishes for narrowing down the city’s considerable number of locations to locate finger-licking BBQ.

Best of Sabri’s BBQ Menu

Sabri has been serving delicious food in Chicago for approximately 25 years and is a past Michelin Bib Gourmand winner. They’ve snagged a rare patio spot on Devon Street Restaurants. Grilled food is a flavorful feast. Grills are always a good idea, no matter what your mood is. We have the most excellent grills here at Sabri Nihari. We provide a variety of cuisines, from chicken to beef, mutton to lamb, to make you feel captivated by our amazing flavor.

Not only does grilled food taste great, but it also has many health advantages. It helps you avoid ingesting fat, keeps meat nutrients, and is, of course, entertaining to watch while cooking.

The trademark meat dish at this Pakistani eatery is remarkable: their chicken tikka boti, Bihari kabob, and chicken Chargha. But one dish that you must not ignore from their BBQ menu is their Mix Grill Platter. Here we will reveal to you why and what is in most demand from meat lovers of the windy city.

We’ve included some of our favorite BBQs below. However, the list is lengthy, and we have only listed a handful to preserve the rest as a surprise. Look at this:

Mix Grill Platter

Nothing beats a mixed grill platter for meat enthusiasts all around the world. A dinner that only contains the best meats and is grilled properly on a decent grill is the best meal you can have. Filling up on delicious cuisine that we prepare to perfection will always satisfy you. We’ve assembled the most outstanding selection of meats on one platter for you, so you don’t miss out on anything.

The whole cuisine of Muslims inspired Nihari in the subcontinent. Rich in meat, light on spices, but oh so satisfying. It is a popular dish in some countries like Bangladesh, particularly Chittagong and Dhaka, which is now gaining popularity globally, especially in the Western side of the world. People cook nihari all night and eat it very early in the morning. This dish is well-known for its flavor and spiciness. Many Indians and Middle easterners enjoy it because of the texture and gentleness of the meat. It is frequently served with bheja and garnished with ginger juliennes, chopped coriander leaves, green chilies, and ghee. Nihari goes best with khameeri roti.

So, we bet you this is the best BBQ in Chicago. Our Mix Grill Platter contains:

Chicken Tikka Boti

Marinated overnight, this boneless chicken breasts in a mixture of yogurt, red chilies, ginger, and garlic and served with tamarind sauce are masterfully basted and charcoal-grilled. Although they appear hot, the spices are light and soft in flavor. The meat is very tender, and you can eat it easily with no struggle. You can’t get enough of just one piece. No one can knock the taste of our BBQ in Chicago.

Malai Boti

Prepare to be immersed in this creamy affair! Our melt-in-your-mouth Malai Boti is here to serve you the ideal grilled food. The tenderest of all meats, charbroiled to your liking. Boneless chicken marinated overnight in yogurt, milk, ginger, and garlic sauce. Slow-cooked and charcoal-grilled to perfection. Also, these chicken pieces melt right away after entering your mouth.

Beef Seekh Kabob

This meal is one of the most popular among the several types of kabobs at our restaurant. But the beef Seekh kabob is one of our top BBQ. Try this delectable dish to get a taste of the finest desi flavors. We make these delectable Seekh kabobs with beef mince and wonderfully balanced spices and then roast it till browned. People love our Seekh kabob for being soft, juicy, and high quality. We serve these soft and juicy Seekh kabobs with mint leaves and onions.

Pasanda Kabob

The mention of this exquisite kabob is enough to make your mouth wet. Tender beef boneless chunks marinated overnight with organic herbs. Moreover, we masterfully grilled them over charcoal to fully please your palate. Mughals claim that when they discovered this recipe, they cooked it with approximately 50 different spices. In our restaurant, clearly, we have made extra efforts to recreate the true enchantment of this meal.

Undoubtedly, these kabobs are simple to prepare, tasty, and nutritious, and will brighten your day. So, if you want to experience this delectable kabob, come to our restaurant and order them.

Mixed platters are frequently the finest way to savor meat that has been grilled to perfection with that classic, handmade flavor that no one can reproduce. So, take your taste buds on a globe tour and try some of these mixed grills the next time you’re hungry. In our restaurant, we not only prepare the kebabs mentioned above. We also serve many other kabobs and grill meats to satisfy your appetites all week long.

So, if you’re seeking halal restaurants in Chicago, try our meat dishes. Without a doubt, we’re the greatest BBQ restaurant in Chicago.